Bulgaria, as part of the EU and Schengen, provides the best EU opportunities for legal residence and citizenship

nothing gives you more freedom than the EU passport & the Bulgarian residence permit

Vasil Levski

If I win, I win for the whole nation – if I lose, I lose only myself.

Vasil Levski

Bulgarian residence permit

The value of the Bulgarian residence permit skyrocketed after Bulgaria became part of the Schengen area on 31.03.2024. From that date, Bulgarian visa and residence permit holders can also travel visa-free to the other Schengen member states. At the same time, the relatively easy procedures to obtain Bulgarian long-term and permanent residence permit, made Bulgaria one of the most attractive EU countries to obtain residency.

Bulgarian citizenship & passport

Bulgarian citizenship is one of the most sought after citizenship in the world. The passport of Bulgaria provides visa-free travel to a huge number of countries worldwide and is in the top tier of the ratings for best passports. But what is much more important is that the Bulgarian passport also provides unlimited residence rights in the EU (plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland).

Why you should consider Bulgarian residence permit and citizenship

Bulgaria is providing everything one could wish for:

  • Visa and residence permit – good for travel to all Schengen member states;
  • Citizenship & passport good for travel visa-free virtually everywhere in the world;
  • Lowest EU flat tax on both personal and corporate income – only 10%,
  • Sunny mild climate with four distinct seasons;
  • Extremely low crime rate;
  • Easy administration and favourable conditions for doing business.

But Bulgaria is much more than that. Although all EU passports are of virtually the same value, travelling on Bulgarian passport may prove to be more beneficial. Bulgaria is in general neutral politically country and there are not known hostilities against Bulgarians abroad. And in today’s world of conflicts, this may prove to be important, very important.

Doing business in Bulgaria
Please read more about the advantages of doing business in Bulgaria

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