Why you need citizenship of Portugal and how you can get it

The Portuguese passport is without any doubt one of the most powerful passports in the world. It is an EU passport with the ability for visa-free travel to huge number of countries. There are many passports power rankings and the passport of Portugal is always in the first few places.

The passport of Portugal is a dream for many. But not all dreams come true. Portuguese citizenship is definitely everyone’s ticket to freedom and better lifestyle. So how can you get it? And most importantly, how can you get Portuguese passport through the Golden Visa program.

The Portuguese citizenship law

The Portuguese citizenship is governed by the nationality law nr. 37/81 (Lei da Nacionalidade n.ยบ 37/81). In general, citizen of Portugal is granted either by right or through naturalization. We will dig into more details in the following articles:

babies Portugal born

Portuguese citizenship by right

The easy way, when you don’t even know that you are becoming Portuguese citizen.

naturalization Portugal

Portuguese citizenship through naturalization1

1 (through declaration, adoption and naturalization)

The harder way, when you are citizen of a not so fortunate country, as is Portugal.

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