The different types of the Bulgarian residence permit

Anyone with Bulgarian residence permit can travel visa-free to all Schengen countries. This was made possible after Bulgaria joined the Schengen are on 31.03.2024. Obtaining residence permit in Bulgaria became more difficult recently, but it is still considered to be easier and faster than most other EU residence permits.

In Bulgaria there are three types of residence permits. These are the long-term, prolonged-term and permanent residence permit. There is basically no big difference between the different types, however, logically, the permanent residence permit is the most valued one.

The legal grounds for obtaining Bulgarian residence permit

There are many different options for one to obtain residence card in Bulgaria. It is important to know that before obtaining residence permit, the foreigner must first apply for Bulgarian visa D.

Most often, non-EU foreigners are applying for Bulgarian residence permits on the following legal grounds:

  • after a marriage with Bulgarian citizen;
  • when obtaining work permit in Bulgaria;
  • if they are of Bulgarian origin;
  • students in Bulgarian universities;
  • representatives of Trade representative offices;
  • retired pensioneers;
  • participants in Bulgarian non-profit organisations.

No matter what your legal reason may be to obtain Bulgarian residence card, our lawyers will be able to assist you.