There are many private individuals around the world who are desperate for another citizenship. They can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Those who want to relocate to another country;
  2. Those who need to have better passport for worldwide visa-free travel.

The majority of the first category are aiming mainly to relocate to the highly developed countries – EU, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore they need sustainable residence status, such as the US green card or the Portuguese Golden Visa.

The people from the second category need passports that will enable them easier travel than with their own passports. Can you imagine the life of an Indian, Chinese or Russian wealthy businessman travelling frequently for business. It’s hard to imagine the time these people need to spend to comply with visa regulations. Therefore, many of these people have opted for passports of tiny island countries, such as Dominica, Grenada, Vanuatu, etc. Others have tried European citizenship, but of countries outside of the EU – Ukraine, Turkey, Montenegro.

The end of the island passports visa-free regimes

So far, these passports were fine for travel to the EU and even to the USA in the past. But the time of these passports is over. The EU is already proposing an end to the visa-free regime to Vanuatu. This is “due to concerns about the Pacific nation’s controversial ‘golden passports’ scheme“. In other words, EU visa-free regime is to be suspended for any countries that provide golden passport schemes. With that, the value of these passports has already dropped to ground level.

No residence rights

Needless to say that the tropical countries and non-EU European passports are no good at all for residence purposes anywhere but in the particular country. And this is definitely not the intention of the global citizens.

No hope for EU membership

The investors who have been lured into investing in non- EU European countries with the hope that these countries will soon join the EU. But these hopes have evaporated already. When do you think Ukraine will join the EU? And when will Montenegro? 2040? 2050? We won’t even mention Turkey here.

Our solution

We are welcoming (second) citizens of non-EU countries who have obtained passport through investment. We believe they deserve better options to travel and reside in Europe. And we believe they deserve both freedom and the security that their freedom will not be suspended. If you are one of them, contact us asap and you may be surprised by the offer we may have for you.