The Bulgarian citizenship by investment program has been around for a while. Unfortunately for many, the program was almost brought to a standstill by the newly elected1 Bulgarian government. The new Bulgarian Council of Ministers has proposed a bill that will cancel the investment citizenship program. It is expected that this bill will be voted and approved by the Bulgarian parliament, as the new political power in Bulgaria is trying its best to please the European Commission2.

1 At the elections in Bulgaria at in 2021, the country backed a new political party, led by the ex-Candaian citizen Mr Kiril Petkov. Mr Petkov succeeded into forming a cabinet at the very end of 2021.

2 The European Commission is strongly opposing any EU citizenship by investment programs. It has been constantly warning Mata and Cyprus to end their programs. Recently, especially after the demise of the Cypriot CIP, the EU Commission has switched its criticism to the Bulgarian CIP.

How to switch from the Bulgarian to the Portuguese investment residence and citizenship program

Many candidates for the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program are currently stuck with the program and their files don’t seem to be making any progress. Unfortunately, not everybody can wait forever or is willing to be left at the mercy of the Bulgarian politicians. For those who want to make sure that they will become EU citizen in foreseeable future, we have the perfect solution: the Portuguese Golden Visa!

Preferential conditions for participants of the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program

Since the beginning of 2022, when the future of the Bulgarian program became quite dim, we have been approached by three categories of clients:

  1. investors who have had their applications for Bulgarian citizenship denied;
  2. applicants whose applications are stuck and don’t progress;
  3. investors whose files move slowly forward, but want the extra security that they will become EU citizens, even if the Bulgarian route fails.

Luckily, we have solutions for each of these categories.

Our solution

We believe none should pay twice for the same thing. Unfortunately we can’t provide completely free service to those who want to switch from Bulgaria to Portugal. Still, we will offer extremely reduced service fees to most qualifying candidates of the Bulgarian program. Please contact us for further details and ensure your EU residency and citizenship in Portugal.

Important for clients of our partners in Bulgaria

For clients of VD&A, our partners in Bulgaria, we are offering completely free transition from Bulgarian CBI application to Portuguese Golden Visa. Please liaise with us or your contact at VD&A for more details.