Get yourself a second or why not, a third passport

Many investors have applied throughout the years for second citizenship and passport. Some of them have failed through the process. Others have succeeded. Many of those who got second passports are now happy with their choice of citizenship. But the majority realize that they may need an upgrade.

If you have failed to get second passport

If you have applied for another investment citizenship, but have failed to obtain it, Portugal may be your best solution? Currently there are many applicants who are stuck with the Bulgarian CIP and are switching to the Portuguese Golden Visa. Others have hoped to get Cypriot citizenship, but the country closed its program at the end of 2020. All these people are now coming to us for assistance with the Portuguese program.

What if you need to upgrade your citizenship

If you have successfully obtained second passport of a non-EU country, you definitely may need an upgrade. Think about it – the EU is soon going to terminate all visa-free agreements with island countries that have Golden Passport programs. And we bet you have obtained your citizenship through such program, didn’t you. If you need freedom to travel and not be humiliated at every border check, you need EU citizenship. And one of the most prestigious EU passports is the Portuguese one.

Transition from other citizenship by investment programs to Portuguese Golden Visa (click to open)
Caribbean vs Portuguese citizenship

Changing from NON-EU CIP to Portuguese Golden Visa

There are many private individuals around the world who are desperate for another citizenship. They can be divided into two main categories: Those who want to relocate to another country;Those who need to have better passport for worldwide visa-free travel. The majority of the first category are aiming mainly toContinue Reading

Cyprus to Portugal visa

Switching from the Cyprus CIP to Portuguese Golden Visa

The Cypriot citizenship by investment program was one of the most sought after options to become EU citizen. And indeed, the program made it possible for one to apply for EU citizenship as soon as in 6 months after the start of the procedure. So far so good. Unfortunately however,Continue Reading

Portugal and Bulgaria - flags

Switching from the Bulgarian CBI to Portuguese Golden Visa

The Bulgarian citizenship by investment program has been around for a while. Unfortunately for many, the program was almost brought to a standstill by the newly elected1 Bulgarian government. The new Bulgarian Council of Ministers has proposed a bill that will cancel the investment citizenship program. It is expected thatContinue Reading