The Portugal Golden Visa program is without any doubt the most popular investment route for becoming EU resident and citizen. The program is attracting many non-EU citizens as the conditions are straightforward and relatively easy to meet.

More about the Golden Visa:

From Portuguese Golden Visa to full EU citizenship

We know that most of our clients need EU passport for complete freedom. And we know how to help them to get it – through the Portugal Golden Visa program!

Portuguese parliament

Strong support by the Portuguese government1

On 08.10.2012, Portugal launched its famous Golden Visa program. Since then, the Portuguese government has been actively backing and promoting the program. We are extremely happy that the Portuguese authorities are doing the extra mile to keep to not let down any of the applicants. The result is evident in the sheer amount of applications being accepted and golden visas & passport – issued.

1 In the RBI/CBI industry, its widely believed that it is the government that shapes the RBI and CBI programs. In reality, it is the parliament who is shaping the laws. On our website and published materials, we often use the term “government”, while it is to be understood all state authorities and the parliament.

The required investment

Portuguese bank

To get straight to the point, an investment of €500 000 (can be reduced to €280 000 – €350 000 under some conditions) in Portuguese real estate will secure you EU residence permit. Investment in real estate is by far the most frequently utilized option by the majority of the applicants. There are also other investment options available for those who are not really into investment in European real estate. There are not that many such disbelievers, but once in a while we do get a customer or a two with preference to money market investment. You can read more about the available investment options.

Your family – an important part of the Golden Visa application

The residence permit also includes the family of the main applicant and all dependent children. Please read more about the eligibility of the family members.

Flexible and easy to meet requirement to physically reside in the country

The residence permit is renewed bi-annually on the condition that you spend two weeks in Portugal every two years. You can find more information about the residence requirements.

Ties with the country and language test

The citizenship applicant under the golden visa program will need to meet two important requirements. These are guaranteeing the longevity of the Portuguese Golden Visa legislation, as being not a “password for sale scheme”:

  1. Pass a basic Portuguese language test and;
  2. Demonstrate certain links with the country.

Needless to say that we will fully assist the applicant to pass these two formalities with the least possible hassle. More about the Portuguese language test and establishing ties with the country.

Why Portuguese residence and citizenship?

One of the best virtues of the Portuguese Golden Visa program is that the applicant can obtain Portuguese citizenship after five years from the start of the procedure. And in the meantime, the whole EU Schengen area is open to the Portuguese resident. In fact, from a survey with our clients, it appeared that 78% are interested solely from the freedom of intra-EU freedom of movement. 17% are only interested of worldwide visa-free travel, for which full Portuguese citizenship is needed. The remaining 5% said they can’t give precise answer to the question.

Portuguese residence permit

The Portuguese residence permit (the first stage of the Golden Visa program) will allow you to reside in Portugal and travel visa-free through the whole EU Schengen area. No wonder why the Portuguese residence permit is called Golden (Visa).

Portuguese citizenship

Citizenship of Portugal is the ultimate step into gaining unlimited freedom. The Portuguese passport provides unlimited living rights in all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, as well as in some overseas territories. Not to mention the visa-free access to most countries worldwide, including USA (not all EU passports enjoy visa-free regime with the USA).