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Portugal Golden Visa & Citizenship

We simply know everything about it!

the Passport

The Golden Visa program attracted 12 million Euro in 4 days only, when the Hongkongers took on the streets in 2019. And we are happy we could help many of these people to get hope! Securing an alternative home in the EU can be a life saver in difficult times. And here is where our services are most needed. We offer not only investment residency and citizenship assistance. We provide turnkey services for tax optimization as well as family office assistance to high-net-worth individuals.

Why choose us

We are better, because we know the local laws in Portugal! We don’t hide in shiny offices, trying to “sell” residence or citizenship of any country, only to lure the client. The RCBI* industry is not what it used to be 10-20 years ago. In the global world of today, everyone is marketing everything. And this is where we are quite different from the “competition”. We specialize in Portuguese residence and citizenship and we believe we know everything about it. Period.

* RCBI stands for Residence and Citizenship By Investment

Studying the laws, not other agents’ websites

Our lawyers read the laws and spend time in the Courts. The “competition” reads each others articles and copy-paste the content on their websites. There are many “agents” in high-cost countries like Switzerland and the UK, who will lure the client with the promise to refer them to an “independent” lawyer in Portugal. Even if you believe in such “independence”, why pay double? To those who do the work on the field in Portugal and to their referrers in Switzerland or elsewhere.

About “the Passport”

The Passport is a project of Citizenship and Investments LLC. The company is member of VD&A and of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

We are bound by the strict regulations of the EU and abide by the highest standards in the industry. Legal compliance and 100% customer satisfaction is our paramount.

Travelling the world around

Dobrinov - Vasilev - Golden Visa Portugal

Our lawyers don’t wait for the clients to come to our office only. They travel the world around and participate in different investment residence and citizenship events. Travelling is important not only to market the Portugal Golden Visa program. The most essential is servicing our existing customers wherever they may be in the world.