Restore your Bulgarian roots and obtain EU passport

This is probably the most comprehensive matter in the Bulgarian citizenship law. Namely, how to determine who is of Bulgarian origin and consequently who can obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin. There are basically three different terms that need to distinguished – Bulgarian, Bulgarian citizen and a person of Bulgarian origin.

The beauty of the naturalisation by origin option is that the applicant doesn’t have to surrender his existing citizenship. No residence in Bulgaria is required and no language or history exam need to be taken. Easy-peasy you will say? Well, not really. The citizenship by origin procedure is complicated and the amount of rejected applications is mind blowing. The rejections are mostly due to the enormous amount of bogus documents, “proving” Bulgarian origin, coming from the ex-USSR countries and North Macedonia.

Appealing rejected application for Bulgarian origin

Many times, the Bulgarian authorities are rejecting even those who have right to obtain citizenship by origin. Luckily, there is a legal remedy for such rejections. You can read a comprehensive legal analysis of how to prove your Bulgarian origin.

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