Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen gave birth to the Bulgarian Golden Visa

Bulgaria is a Schengen country now. This is so, because on 31.03.2024 Bulgaria officially joined the Schengen area. This means that all Bulgarian visas and residence permits are good for visa-free travel to all other Schengen countries. And this means a lot for all Bulgarian residence permit holders. In fact, it was only after the Schengen accession of Bulgaria in 2024 that the Bulgarian residence permit became a true, 100% Golden Visa. And now it has become the strongest EU competitor of the Portuguese Golden Visa.

How can you qualify for Bulgarian Golden Visa

In Bulgaria there are three types of residence permits. These are the long-term, prolonged-term and permanent residence permits. Basically, obtaining any residence permit qualifies as Golden Visa as it is extendable without any limits. And most importantly, the residence permit is a path to full Bulgarian citizenship.

In order to qualify for Bulgarian Golden Visa, you have a choice between a real estate or the financial option. For the real estate, one needs a minimum investment of 307 000 EUR. For the financial option in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), the minimum investment is 512 000 EUR. There is also other option to invest only 256 000 EUR, but it requires hiring local personnel, which may prove to be more costly. For detailed information about the particularities of the Bulgarian Golden Visa, please visit the websites of Posolstvo.eu and Bulgarian-citizenship.org.

And as always, if you need assistance to legally immigrate to Bulgaria and obtain Golden Visa, please contact us at once.

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