Getting Bulgarian visa is difficult without professional support

Obtaining Bulgarian visa is now more difficult than ever. After Bulgaria joined Schengen earlier this year, the Bulgarian visa is now a Schengen visa as well. And the authorities in Bulgaria are seemingly granting visas only to a small portion of the applicants. Worst of all, the Bulgarian embassies and consulates are using their most dangerous weapon to easily reject the visa application – the silent refusal. This administrative “technique” is also known as implied refusal and is explained in detail in the article – implied refusal to issue a visa, residence permit or Bulgarian citizenship.

How the implied refusal works as per Bulgarian law

In short, instead of rejecting the visa with relevant reasoning, the Bulgarian embassy simply puts the application on hold. The applicant keeps on calling them, asking what’s going on. They are telling him that it’s still in processing. The truth is however that once the legal deadline to issue the visa has passed, if the visa is not issued – it means that it is rejected! Worst of all, from that very moment, the applicant has 30 days to appeal the implied rejection in court. But during these 30 days, the visa applicant is still hoping that the visa will be granted. And then all chances are lost.

Applications for Bulgarian citizenship are also affected

Sadly, it’s not only that Bulgarian visas that are being rejected by means of an implied refusal. Naturalisation applications for Bulgarian citizenship are also being put to an end by not approving them on time. And as the citizenship applicants don’t comprehend the consequences of the deadline, they keep on waiting, for years. Only then they realise that their applications have been rejected, silently.

What to do to avoid silent rejection

Silent rejection can’t be avoided. Its the Bulgarian administration’s right, as per Bulgarian law. But implied rejection can be overcome. This is by knowing how the Bulgarian legal system work, in great detail. Foreigner usually don’t have a clue, so finding good immigration lawyer or a company is essential. You will be guided throughout the whole process with strict observation of the deadlines, so if worst happens, a case can be filled in the Bulgarian court. So your rights can be protected and your Bulgarian visa or citizenship application can be approved.

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