The fastest path to EU citizenship

Now that EU citizenship by investment is a thing of the past, many international candidates are looking for alternatives. And as it appears, they quickly discovered the fastest path to EU citizenship – the Bulgarian special merits citizenship program.

How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for special merits?

First of all, Bulgarian merits citizenship is not something you can apply yourself for. The law stipulates that it is granted to a person, for whom Bulgaria:

has an interest in his naturalisation or if he has special services to the Bulgaria in the social and economic sphere, in science, technology, culture or sport.

But what to do if you have the potential to be of interest for the country, but in Bulgaria you are completely unknown? This is in fact the situation with 99,9% of all potential applicants. In this case, you should consider to use assistance from a professional facilitator. Your potential or achievements need to be made known in Bulgaria. Your achievements need to be presented to the government officials in order to be considered for citizenship.

We can assist you to bring your case forward and make it feasible with the local Bulgarian authorities. For more information about the special merits citizenship program, please read the article Bulgarian citizenship for special merits.

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