Playing for EU sports clubs

Sport talents are rewarded generously in European sports clubs. Footballers, basketball players, just to name a few. Athletes from all over the world are dreaming of being able to play in the European clubs. And as we all know, Portugal offers great opportunities for these people. It is not rare when a proven athlete from a non-EU country opts to apply for Portugal Golden Visa. This is done in order to cut the EU red tape and fight the mountain of bureaucratic hurdles. Because having Portuguese citizenship and EU passport means freedom! But how about moving intra-EU from one EU club to another?

Residence in another EU member state for an EU athlete and his non-EU spouse

Our colleagues from have written a very informative article about the procedures to move one EU athlete from one EU country to another. In the article you will also find out what needs to be done in order for a non-EU spouse of EU citizen to relocate to another EU country. In the particular article, a Swedish basketball player is relocating from his home country to Bulgaria, together with his non-EU wife. As it appears, the procedures are extremely relaxed due to the implementation of the EU Directive 2004/38/EC. It is astonishing, but the conditions for the non-EU spouse to get residence permit in another EU member state are easier than they are in Sweden.

Becoming eligible for EU citizenship and passport

Moving to another EU member state may seem trivial. However obtaining residence permit in certain EU countries may result in shorter path to EU citizenship. And whatever some may think, the EU passport is the real deal. Living in the EU with residence permit is like renting a house. You can live in it, but it’s never yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information about relocating of athletes to another sport club in the EU.

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