Portugal Golden Visa to outlive all other EU investment citizenship programs

Huge interest for the Portugal Golden Visa program as Bulgaria is likely to put an end to its CIP

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Bulgaria, the Balkan country in the eastern part of the EU, is lately in the headlines mostly because of the Russia-Nato tensions over Ukraine. But the applicants for Bulgarian citizenship by investment have other things to worry about.

Uglobal – Bulgarian CBI program closer to ending

As is reporting Uglobal, Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov and his government is seemingly determined to close the Bulgarian CIP. Rumors about the end of the program have in fact circulated for more than 3 years already. However, in March 2021, the parliament rather than closing the program, has voted to revamp it. The euphoria however was short-lived. After the new elections in Bulgaria took place in 2021, the new government is now again, harshly criticizing the program.

Clients of the Bulgarian investment program are coming to Portugal

We are already receiving many enquiries from high-net-worth individuals who are in the middle of their application in Bulgaria. Logically they all want to switch to the Portuguese Golden Visa program. All these people are rightfully feeling that our program is much more sustainable on both national and EU levels.

If you have difficulties with your application for the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program, we urge you to contact us.

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