This Sunday is an important day for the future of Portugal. And even more important, for the future of the immigrants in the country.

The rise of Chega

The Portuguese far-right political party Chega is widely expected to win 10 times more seats than it won in 2019. That doesn’t need to sound too scary, as the party won only one seat in 2019. What will that mean for the immigrants in Portugal is yet to be seen however.

Some of the extreme proposals were tougher COVID confinement rules for ethnic minorities and even castrating sex offenders. Sounds too far fetched? It certainly is.

Still, Rui Rio, the leader of the opposition PSD, is so far promising that he won’t bring Chega into government. Whether his intention will be sustainable is still to be seen. It is of course vital whether Antonio Costa will survive and will remain on the political stage after this Sunday.

Stay tuned on our website for more news that may concern the foreigners’ status in Portugal after the (almost) certain political rise of Chega.

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