Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

The cheapest EU true citizenship by investment program, that lacks the publicity and state support, that it definitely deserves…

How it works

The Bulgarian citizenship by investment program is a two staged process. Initially, the citizenship candidate has to invest one million Bulgarian leva (about 512 000 EUR) in Bulgarian government bonds or Bulgarian stock-listed shares. This investment entitles the candidate to obtain permanent residence in the country. Twelve months afterwards an additional investment of the same amount and type will allow the candidate to apply for full citizenship immediately.
Bulgarian passport

Bulgarian passport

The conditions of the Bulgarian investment citizenship program

Required investment:1 024 000 EUR
Investment options:bonds, shares
Safety of the investment:★★★★★ (excellent)
When is the investment released:2 years after citizenship approval
Required irrevocable contribution:No
Time-frame from start to citizenship:18 months
Overall cost of the program:up-to 70 000 EUR
Family members eligibility:
Due diligence, chance of approval:★★★★☆ (very good)
Speed of final approval and issuance of citizenship:★★★☆☆ (good)
Irrevocability of citizenship:
Similar programs (main competitors):Cyprus [compare], Malta [compare]

Bulgarian flag

Characteristics of the Bulgarian citizenship

The advantages of holding Bulgarian passport and Bulgarian citizenship

EU membership:
Other important memberships:Nato
Number of countries where the citizen can reside:30+
Number of visa-free countries:157
Visa-free travel to USA:
Visa-free travel to Canada:
Visa-free travel to Australia and New Zealand:
Visa-free travel to Russia: (partially)
Visa-free travel to China: (partially)
Visa-free travel to Japan:
Preferential treatment at border check-points:
Consular assistance from other countries when abroad: